As the end of year comes sliding into place, we often find ourselves contemplating the months that have passed in a blur, remembering the good, trying to forget the bad, and wondering what we can do to make 2024 shine even brighter. In our experience, we have always found that a great vacation to an exciting new place sets the path for the next 12 months of our lives and we would like to invite you to spend New Year’s Eve in Traverse City. This guide will help convince you as to why we think it is a fantastic idea to end the year in homes that provide comfort, style, and all the warmth you may not find outside the doors of our properties! 

Spend New Year’s Eve In Traverse City

We all have those special holiday traditions we engage in every year, but maybe 2024 should be the start of some new traditions as well. Rising early to greet the sun, walking in the predawn cold along paths through bare trees in our country homes, sitting on the front porches or back balconies of our town homes, or sitting on the deck overlooking a beautiful lake, watching the world awaken around you is one of life’s greatest luxuries. On this, the last day of 2023, these quiet moments (spent well bundled up, of course) can bring you clarity and peace and may be the perfect time to jot down some of the resolutions you want to make for the year ahead. (Watching sunrises may be number one on that list) 

Farewell to Bad Habits

Another popular resolution is saying farewell to bad habits and often, one of the top resolutions is to eat better. We are all for anything good for your health, of course, but we also think the best way to start new habits is by ending the old ones with a hearty farewell, perhaps even a gigantic breakfast at J&S Hamburg? Offering two locations in Traverse City, the original one downtown is our favorite, serving up plate-sized pancakes, flaky biscuits drowning in creamy country gravy, and just about all your favorite not-so-healthy breakfast foods! 

Exploring the Town

Since you aren’t having to cook and clean for a huge party in your own home, it is the perfect time to explore a little of what Traverse City has to offer. Some of our more popular attractions may be closing early for the holiday, and the cold weather may encourage you to stay inside where it is warm and cozy, but a walk along the streets of downtown, dipping in and out of the shops and boutiques still dressed in their favorite holiday “apparel” may be just the thing you need to send 2023 off with a proper goodbye. When it gets a little chilly, stop by Morsels for a hot chocolate and a snack, savoring the sweet break in a day filled with sweet moments. 

Let the Good Times Begin

When it is time to start celebrating the reason you are here, the Cherry T Ball Drop is destined to become a new tradition for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Who needs to watch the ball drop in New York City when you have the opportunity to gather on Front Street in the Cherry Capital (that’s us; Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the nation, in case you were wondering) watching a glowing red cherry descend into the new year? The party starts at 10 p.m. and donations of $5 per person are requested as the proceeds of the Cherry T Ball Drop go to charity. (See what they did there?) After the cherry drops, fireworks will light up the sky, intoxicating revelers with their color and beauty.  

Happy New Year from Elevated

For many of us, the thought of venturing out into the cold on the last night of the year does not bring joy, even when on vacation. Thankfully, our Elevated holiday havens offer a beautiful blend of creature comforts and modern conveniences making them the perfect option for ringing in the new year comfortably.  

Go ahead and watch the crystal ball drop in Times Square on state-of-the-art televisions, use the kitchen to create your favorite “lucky” foods, or heat up frozen appetizers for an elegant night of snacking, sipping champagne, and wearing your pajamas instead of ballgowns, and maybe even watch the fireworks display from your patio or balcony if the home you choose is near the festivities.  

Every holiday tradition will be your favorite (including that first kiss of the new year) when you choose Elevated for your New Year’s celebrations. Contact us to reserve your favorite escape today and fall in love with Traverse City and our Elevated sanctuaries!  

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