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While there are many people who believe Valentine’s Day was just a day the greeting card companies made up to sell cards (and to make us feel bad for feeling this way!) we at Elevated think of it as one of our favorite holidays. Held in the middle of winter, we have the opportunity to cuddle even closer with our own special Valentine’s, the cold weather bringing us together in celebration and in search of warmth as we practice all the ways there is to show how much we love each other. If you are of like mind and you are seeking a chilly spot to cuddle with your sweetest, your February journey to Traverse City will be a vacation you never forget and this guide to the top reasons you should spend Valentine’s Day in Traverse City, will help the day shine even brighter. 

Top Reasons To Spend Valentine’s Day In Traverse City

You could stay home and do all the things you can do here in Traverse City, but experience shows that it is easy to be distracted when you do. Kids needing to be fed, bosses asking you to work late on February 14th, even all the chores that seem to jump out at you when you are trying to take some time alone to relax. When you choose a Michigan getaway for your vacation destination and a stay in our Elevated romantic love nests as your shelter, the only distractions will be the ones that urge you to hug her a little tighter, kiss her a little deeper, and listen to her a little harder. (That last one may be the most romantic distraction of all, just ask her!) 

Chocolate Just Tastes Better Here

We can’t explain it, but we have traveled the world, and we can’t find chocolate that tastes any better than the ones available at Great Lakes Chocolate & Dessert Company. Offering a massive selection of sweet desserts and chocolates created right there in the bakery of their shop, every bite you take of every treat they create is practically guaranteed to be your favorite and because every Valentine deserves a chocolate gift, you are destined to be designated Gift Giver Supreme. They also sell rich and creamy hot chocolate, so buy a box to enjoy in your Elevated escape, knowing that you can order more any time you want simply by visiting their website. 

Michigan Wine is So Fine

The world is rapidly beginning to realize that Michigan wines are starting to give Napa Valley a run for its money and some of the best wineries are located in or near our Traverse City hometown. Tabone Vineyards offering small batch wines and an online shop so guests can keep sipping their favorites even after returning to real life, Chateau Grand Traverse, offering charcuterie boards with their tastings and also offering its own online shop, and Rove Winery at the Gallagher Estate, perched high above the Leelanau Peninsula and offering special events as well as, you guessed it, providing an online store that will ensure you never have to go without your favorite grape drink. All of these wineries, and so many more will add a sparkle to your Valentine’s Day getaway in the heart of Michigan. 

The Meal You Will Never Forget

Perhaps the most important part of any Valentine’s Day celebration is the holiday dinner, and you may be surprised to know that Traverse City is well known for its beautiful selection of romantic restaurants. Plan a holiday meal at Harrington’s By The Bay, 13890 S W Bay Shore Drive and enjoy sunset views as you share a delicious meal with your sweetheart or sink your teeth into the delicious Italian dishes prepared by the talented chefs at Trattoria Stella, 830 Cottageview Drive. These are just two of our favorite romantic restaurants and we encourage you to try them or any other that catches your eye during your stay. 

Us HereThe Top Reason for a Traverse City Valentine’s Day Escape

There’s no reason for a drum roll at this point as you have probably already figured out the number one reason you should choose a Traverse City vacation for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Our cozy love nests will shelter you from the cold winter nights, providing comfort, style, and beautiful luxuries that welcome love birds from all over the world. Plan a picnic in front of a roaring fire, sipping the wine you brought back from your daylight tasting at any of the wineries we mentioned earlier, and watching the snow fall gently to the ground. These beautiful moments, shared with the one that makes your heart skip a beat will become memories you will treasure forever. Contact us to reserve your favorite Elevated escape today and discover all the romance Traverse City has to offer! 

For many of us, the resolutions we made for 2024 offer a slightly different slant than the ones made in previous years. This year, we resolve to be good to ourselves, to embrace the quiet moments, and to spend more time traveling, perhaps starting with a trip to Traverse City. If your journey brings you in our direction, we at Elevated have created a guide to the beauty of our Michigan town, showing you everything that makes our hometown special and all the ways you can enjoy the most comfortable adventures with a stay in our seasonal sanctuaries. 

Kick Off 2024 With a Trip to Traverse City

In the long dark days of winter, it is important to keep your sense of humor which is why we have devoted January 31st to February 4th to hosting the Traverse City Comedy Fest. Offering over 20 different shows and 80 different comedians during its hilarious 5 days, some of our nation’s and many of Michigan’s funniest men and women will be performing on multiple stages in 7 different venues, all determined to make you laugh until your jaw aches. It’s hard to be sad over gray skies and a little extra snow when you are surrounded by laughter and any night on the town during the comedy fest is destined to bring you your happiest memories. 

Not Just for Summer

For most people the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market is strictly a spring and summer event, but in Traverse City, we are known for coloring outside the lines and as such, we would like to present to you the Traverse City Indoor Farmers Market. Located at the Mercado, 800 Cottageview Drive, and opening at 10 AM on Saturday mornings, a visit to the indoor market will give visitors a chance to stock their vegetable crispers, pick up some gifts for their pet sitters, house watchers, and mail gatherers back home, and enjoy a summery activity in the warm confines of the Mercado. 

Sunsets on Snowy Eves

The beauty of Traverse City shines even brighter at sunset whether you have bundled up and stepped out onto the balcony of your Elevated escape with a cup of hot cocoa in hand or are dressed in your warmest clothes, perched on a log in Sunset Park (635 E Front Street) with a cup of coffee in hand. These last few minutes of sunshine will bring you the most tranquil memories. Watch the sky come alive in a kaleidoscope of fiery color and for those final seconds, you will forget about the cold and feel peace and serenity invade your heart. 

A Taste-FULL Good Time

Your foodie tour to Traverse City will set the stage for a year filled with happy stomachs and cheering taste buds. The culinary landscape of our hometown is an exciting one, filled with international delights intermingled with classic home cooking that travelers will swear could have come from their own grandma’s country kitchen. Explore the casual delights found in the food trucks that are an important part of the downtown arena, coming together in one big convergence in a space called The Little Fleet. Elegance and tradition combine with a visit to the Cook’s House, a chef-driven restaurant serving farm-to-table foods that are both healthy and delicious and when nothing but a thick and juicy burger will sate your traveler’s appetite, stopping by the casual confines of Blue Tractor Cook Shop will give you the meal you crave. And because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we can’t end this paragraph without mentioning the breakfasts and brunches offered by the Red Spire Brunch House. Go. You won’t regret it! 

A Step Back in Time

As the snow falls on the winter landscape of Traverse City you may find yourself wanting to explore the warmer side of our Michigan hometown, so why not spend the day exploring our history? The museums of Traverse City will take you on a trip back in time or, if you prefer, can offer an exploration of our creative side. Music is a language the entire world can understand and the Music House Museum, 7377 US-31 in nearby Williamsburg, offers an up close and personal glimpse into music boxes that have been created throughout the decades. The Sleeping Bear Point Coast Guard Station Maritime Museum, Sleeping Bear Dunes Road in nearby Glen Arbor explores the history of the Coast Guard, and the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, 15500 Lighthouse Point Road in Northpoint are all museums worthy of exploring while also offering a place to stay warm on the coldest of winter days. 

Warm and Cozy 

At the end of every day, our Elevated escapes will bring guests the comfort, coziness, and warmth they seek. Contact us today to reserve your favorite sanctuary today! 

As the end of year comes sliding into place, we often find ourselves contemplating the months that have passed in a blur, remembering the good, trying to forget the bad, and wondering what we can do to make 2024 shine even brighter. In our experience, we have always found that a great vacation to an exciting new place sets the path for the next 12 months of our lives and we would like to invite you to spend New Year’s Eve in Traverse City. This guide will help convince you as to why we think it is a fantastic idea to end the year in homes that provide comfort, style, and all the warmth you may not find outside the doors of our properties! 

Spend New Year’s Eve In Traverse City

We all have those special holiday traditions we engage in every year, but maybe 2024 should be the start of some new traditions as well. Rising early to greet the sun, walking in the predawn cold along paths through bare trees in our country homes, sitting on the front porches or back balconies of our town homes, or sitting on the deck overlooking a beautiful lake, watching the world awaken around you is one of life’s greatest luxuries. On this, the last day of 2023, these quiet moments (spent well bundled up, of course) can bring you clarity and peace and may be the perfect time to jot down some of the resolutions you want to make for the year ahead. (Watching sunrises may be number one on that list) 

Farewell to Bad Habits

Another popular resolution is saying farewell to bad habits and often, one of the top resolutions is to eat better. We are all for anything good for your health, of course, but we also think the best way to start new habits is by ending the old ones with a hearty farewell, perhaps even a gigantic breakfast at J&S Hamburg? Offering two locations in Traverse City, the original one downtown is our favorite, serving up plate-sized pancakes, flaky biscuits drowning in creamy country gravy, and just about all your favorite not-so-healthy breakfast foods! 

Exploring the Town

Since you aren’t having to cook and clean for a huge party in your own home, it is the perfect time to explore a little of what Traverse City has to offer. Some of our more popular attractions may be closing early for the holiday, and the cold weather may encourage you to stay inside where it is warm and cozy, but a walk along the streets of downtown, dipping in and out of the shops and boutiques still dressed in their favorite holiday “apparel” may be just the thing you need to send 2023 off with a proper goodbye. When it gets a little chilly, stop by Morsels for a hot chocolate and a snack, savoring the sweet break in a day filled with sweet moments. 

Let the Good Times Begin

When it is time to start celebrating the reason you are here, the Cherry T Ball Drop is destined to become a new tradition for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Who needs to watch the ball drop in New York City when you have the opportunity to gather on Front Street in the Cherry Capital (that’s us; Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the nation, in case you were wondering) watching a glowing red cherry descend into the new year? The party starts at 10 p.m. and donations of $5 per person are requested as the proceeds of the Cherry T Ball Drop go to charity. (See what they did there?) After the cherry drops, fireworks will light up the sky, intoxicating revelers with their color and beauty.  

Happy New Year from Elevated

For many of us, the thought of venturing out into the cold on the last night of the year does not bring joy, even when on vacation. Thankfully, our Elevated holiday havens offer a beautiful blend of creature comforts and modern conveniences making them the perfect option for ringing in the new year comfortably.  

Go ahead and watch the crystal ball drop in Times Square on state-of-the-art televisions, use the kitchen to create your favorite “lucky” foods, or heat up frozen appetizers for an elegant night of snacking, sipping champagne, and wearing your pajamas instead of ballgowns, and maybe even watch the fireworks display from your patio or balcony if the home you choose is near the festivities.  

Every holiday tradition will be your favorite (including that first kiss of the new year) when you choose Elevated for your New Year’s celebrations. Contact us to reserve your favorite escape today and fall in love with Traverse City and our Elevated sanctuaries!