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Traverse City’s Horseback Riding

Traverse City offers a delightful array of Traverse City horseback riding experiences, with Ranch Rudolf and Casalae Farms standing out as premier equestrian destinations. Explore our beautiful area on horseback and make memories to last a lifetime.

Ranch Rudolf

Nestled 12 miles southeast of Traverse City, Ranch Rudolf is a gem sprawled across 195 acres along the Boardman River. Established in 1987 by Jerry and Noreen Hamilton, this beautiful retreat captures the beauty of Traverse City.

Riders at Ranch Rudolf can enjoy well-maintained trails, meandering through woods and meadows, creating a peaceful and immersive journey. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, the welcoming staff ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Traverse City’s diverse terrain allows riders to choose routes that suit their preferences, making each visit to Ranch Rudolf a unique adventure in nature.

Casalae Farms

Casalae Farms is a beautiful equestrian facility with over 40 rolling acres, conveniently located just minutes from downtown Traverse City. Established in 1987 by Jerry and Noreen Hamilton, Casalae Farms has become a cherished “home” for horses of various breeds and their diverse owners. From competitive showing to pleasure and trail riding, Casalae Farms accommodates riders with a range of interests.

The family-friendly environment and professional, safety-oriented instructors at Casalae Farms instill a passion for horses in riders of all ages. The well-trained lesson horses provide a perfect platform for learning valuable equestrian skills. This facility not only fosters a love for horseback riding in Traverse City MI but also creates a sense of community among its riders.

Book Your Traverse City Horseback Riding Adventure

Whether you choose the tranquil retreat of Ranch Rudolf or the welcoming embrace of Casalae Farms, Traverse City’s horseback riding experiences offer a direct connection with nature and the joy of equestrian pursuits. These establishments, each with their unique charm, provide riders of all levels an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of Traverse City and forge lasting memories with their equine companions.

As you plan your horseback riding adventure, be sure to find your home base with our variety of vacation rentals. Whether you’re traveling solo and want some quiet time or part of a group looking for shared experiences, we’ve got properties designed to suit your needs. Dive into the natural beauty of Traverse City during the day and unwind in the comfort of a vacation rental at night.  So, gear up, saddle in, and embark on an equine adventure in the heart of Traverse City’s picturesque landscapes.

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